Christmas Advent Calendar

Christmas Advent Calendar

16 days until Christmas and what better way of spending spare time than experimenting with health and beauty products to make yourself healthier or happier?! This week, my mum and I exchanged our personalised advent calendars (created independently) and we began opening them; by began, I mean we reached day 12 and then decided it would be an appropriate time to stop! What a wonderful way for us to show each other how much love and appreciation we both have especially during this busy period!


As a self-confessed advent calendar addict, I admit I have a slight…problem? But to me, paying for surplus amounts of good quality products, how can that even be a problem? In buying these calendars, I have been able to

1. Experiment with new brands/products which I have LOVED (more details on this coming later within this…)

2. Given personalised calendars to loved ones using products I can see them enjoying as much as I

3. Spending a fraction of whatever the contents actually contain

4. Need I say any more?


I could write all day about the amazing products that I have recently encountered. But I shall keep it short and sweet and advise on anything I believe you truly MUST get to help better your life during this festive season. Quite literally, no element of bias here…this is coming from the heart.


1. Urban Decay Honey Scented, Sparkling Body Powder

If you have a Christmas Party/Gathering any time soon, this product is one not to be missed. I purchased this item when I had my makeup done for my Christmas Party – bought on a bit of a whim admittedly but now a firm favourite. With a beautiful scent and packaging that screams for attention, this really does give your best bits a lovely glow and sparkle that will last all night.


2. Dermalogica Daily Exfoliant & Pre Cleansing Balm

As someone who suffers from acne/dry/oily/red skin, I am always on the lookout for new products that work with the weather, as well as my skin. Currently, these two products have given me skin which is not battling against me: I now have skin which feels incredibly fresh with a smooth skin surface – a bit of a first for me in such a short amount of time and especially during winter!


3. Spacemasks

My instant reaction to this product was simply…O…M…G! A delight to receive in an advent calendar. With a claim to invite you on a ‘journey of relaxation’, who could not fall in love with this product if it lives up to the claims? Quite simply, it does. This product, without question, has given me the best night sleep I ever remember having, Waking up when my alarm went off, falling straight to sleep and not overthinking…absolute bliss. It is safe to say more were soon placed in my online basket.


4. Face Masks (Simple & 111SKIN Harley St London)

Prepping for Christmas means looking after your skin is a must for feeling confident. Both these two brands of face masks have helped provide me with a boost in times of need. A sheet mask – such as these two – really does brighten your skin and make you feel elated. If your skin is in need of a little help during this Christmas period, I would highly recommend one of these brands as a pick-me-up.


5. Perfume (Jimmy Choo, Alien, Lancome La Vie Este Belle, Jean Paul Gaultiere)

An essential for me during Christmas – but also any day/week/month of the year – is a decent bottle of perfume! These products are all ones which have been bought by loved ones throughout my life (especially recently as it was my 25th birthday!) but they are all ones that I keep returning to time and time again. Perfume choice is unique, but these products are the ones that I receive compliments on most and I assume always will do as they are strong, long-lasting and beautiful fragrances.


I have many, many more products that I could recommend if you would like to find out more about products which have genuinely already made a difference to my skin, health, appearance and happiness. Make sure in these busy few weeks, rest, health, love and happiness are essential! Christmas is about giving and sharing moments with loved ones, but make sure you also give back to yourself!


Lucy -

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